Good morning friends,

A couple days ago i was tagged in a Face Book post. An organization in Oklahoma is looking for people to make  (crochet and/or knit )PURPLE BABY HATS.  TO raise awareness of shaking baby syndrome.  I thought it was a great idea!!!!  SO for the last couple of days I have been CROCHETING purple baby hats. I have 3 completed and have a 4th started.

Sorry folks i was distracted.. This campaign has chapters all over the country. I found MY LOCAL chapter and e-mailed them.

here is the link for it.    it works I just tried it…  so click-ety on over to it and you can find out how you can be a part of this too..

here are the ones I have made:

well that’s all I got for now. LOL! have a great day everybody.

From my phone!!!!

Who needs a computer/laptop.. When you have a phone!!! Add this to the successful day post!!  Ok so here is the picture i was looking for for the last post.

This is what i am working on currently.. I only have like 300 more blocks to make.. LOL!   Here is a couple of other pictures i took today i wanted to share.

These are from my friend Becky’s garden. 

Time to crochet and watch a 🎥.  

Happy crocheting!!!! 


Another successful day

HI friends!! Today was my first day off in a LONG time… so I decided to work on my Honey due list. (you tube channel, blogging, CROCHETING!!).

I LOVE successful days! don’t you? when everything goes the way you expect them too..Success photo

I downloaded a couple of Apps on my phone to help me with my You tube channel so I was playing around with those today. I  also set all the right lighting and angles and made a few practice video’s payed around with the editing (time to turn the fish over)… it’s dinner time here).

early in the morning before I start my day.. I like to crochet.( sometimes that is the ONLY time I have to do it..LOL).   I try and crochet SOMETHING every day.. (that doesn’t always happen either) LOL some days I get SO much crocheting done I amaze myself.. i was just looking through my pictures trying to find one of what I am working on now.. I can’t find it.. I will have to take another picture of it and post it.  i will however remind you…1444507931585

LOL! I haven’t even started my Christmas gifts yet.. That’s because I had something totally different in mind.

well my dinner is ready.. so I will end this here.. have a great evening

12512616_1508478109458030_4252715363589757061_n   Marcia

It’s a woman’s prerogative

Hello friends,

I’m sitting here with my cup of tea, at the end of my crazy busy day.   I have not been here because  my day job got in the way..LOL!! ya know the one… bus driver.  so anyways…  I was really frustrated that I wasn’t getting ANYWHERE with the printable’s Idea.. i kept hitting roadblocks and walls every step of the way…. SO I decided that wasn’t for ME! I wanted something i enjoyed. so when I get frustrated and need to unwind I make a cup of tea… (of course). and I go sit and CROCHET!  1454803093191

It only took me 1 granny square to figure out what I was going to do! (that is unusual for me). (not this particular square) LOL!  through the years I have had people ask me to teach them how to crochet.  so I thought why not start a you tube channel and teach people how to crochet.  i have been crocheting since I was 12. ish..  ( I do have a picture of that but….. not posting it!!! ) I’m such a GEEK in it)

SO, i researched on you tube how to make your own channel… it doesn’t seem very hard… and of course I’m doing this with NO budget. I know there’s 1,000,000,000+ channels of people doing this.. but what the heck.. I watch all kinds of video’s and If I  don’t like it I switch to another.. and another and another… LOL 20151207_105933

Here’s Kenzie she’s 4  her Nani (that would be me) is teaching her how to crochet!  LOL! she is cute!  anyways!!!! this idea and process has gone way I mean WAY smoother then the other one… I have made so much progress in JUST ONE DAY WITH THIS then I did with the printable’s idea. so far i have only spent $4.88.  (for a selfie stick) not bad! oh and the cost of keeping the cell phone on because that’s what I’m using to make video’s with… i have the rest of the supplies (enough to open my own yarn store) crochet hooks for an army patterns enough for ME!  LOL  and knowledge  LOL I also installed a FREE app on my phone for making video’s and have been playing around with that! I transferred all my CRAP from my phone to the computer to make room for video’s. do you want me to add all 900+ pictures and stuff????  NO!!!! well why not??? LOL kidding!

are your eyes tired from reading yet?? my brain is tired from thinking!!! LOL  plus it’s getting to be dinner time around here.. (for my cat and I) 1485725175770

LOL sorry no pictures of my cat deleted them… BUT here is a tea cup MY daughter made for me for Christmas. OK friends enjoy the rest of your evening ( because it’s evening here) or day depending on where you are.



The sign on the…

Good afternoon  friends, how is everyone doing today?  Me I am Tired.  so I decided I was going to take the day off from creating and rest.  so I  putAL'S garage garbage can. the trash can out…. and hung the ALWAYS CLOSED sign on it.  back in the day the ALWAYS CLOSED sign was on there with those sticky letters you buy from home depot. or your local hardware store. 

OK so I was just “business productive” while searching images of  the always closed signs I ran across some images I could use. so I saved

here he is… isn’t he cute???  he needs a name…  feel free to throw your suggestion in the hat.large-winter-hat-33.3-16128

aaawwww how sweet he brought one for us to use.. thanks lil fella.  LOL

(more business productivity went on too.)  a little every day… goes a long way. I HOPE!

well friends enjoy the rest of your day/evening..

I just received a BIG bag of paperwork to sort and organize wish me luck!



good evening friends,

My first post has been up for over 20 hours now and NOT 1 visitor!!! HOW depressing and unenthusiastic  I have been working so hard and I seem to be going NOWHERE!   I don’t know why I haven’t gotten at least 1 visitor.  frowny face

I don’t know what to do next. I know this doesn’t happen overnight BUT….. give me a break here… show me a little something…. to let me know my efforts aren’t for nothing!

thank you. that is all I have for today.


First Blog post: Introductions

Hello friends,

I am new to the blogging neighborhood. I have so much bouncing around my head I don’t know where to start….. OH yeah! it might be nice if you knew who I was right?

OK My name is Marcia (yes just like the Brady bunch) LOL. I am a 50 something grandma/nana with 3 wonderful grandchildren. I also have 2 grown daughters. I drive a school bus for special needs children.Back_to_school_bus_clipart

LOOK the driver looks just like ME! LOL. I work part time.. very part time lately!! almost non existent. So I thought to myself.. what can i do to make money, $$$ dough… you get the idea…. I have a friend that has her “own business” and I thought.. why can’t i do something like that… (can you hear the wheels going round and round???) LOL!!

I wanted to do something on-line.. so I looked up FREE STATIONARY MAKERS. I have yet to find a program that will LET ME DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT.  any help would be greatly appreciated!smiley face thank you.

what I ultimately would like to do is monetize this blog with my fabulous creations and/or integrate a website  too.  any help here would also be appreciated… ( above smiley face).  I do have some stuff already created.. some I like some I don’t.

I also like to crochet I make mostly Afghans. OH look it’s Jason and Mackenzie on the flag I made Jason.MARCIA'S PHONE 2015 G3 228

OK friends  it is WAY past my bed time. so I will leave you with this beautiful sunset…. and hope this post gets posted like I want!!!  and I have lot’s of Introductions back when I log on again….  good night sweet dreams..