Hello friends,

I am new to the blogging neighborhood. I have so much bouncing around my head I don’t know where to start….. OH yeah! it might be nice if you knew who I was right?

OK My name is Marcia (yes just like the Brady bunch) LOL. I am a 50 something grandma/nana with 3 wonderful grandchildren. I also have 2 grown daughters. I drive a school bus for special needs children.Back_to_school_bus_clipart

LOOK the driver looks just like ME! LOL. I work part time.. very part time lately!! almost non existent. So I thought to myself.. what can i do to make money, $$$ dough… you get the idea…. I have a friend that has her “own business” and I thought.. why can’t i do something like that… (can you hear the wheels going round and round???) LOL!!

I wanted to do something on-line.. so I looked up FREE STATIONARY MAKERS. I have yet to find a program that will LET ME DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT.  any help would be greatly appreciated!smiley face thank you.

what I ultimately would like to do is monetize this blog with my fabulous creations and/or integrate a website  too.  any help here would also be appreciated… ( above smiley face).  I do have some stuff already created.. some I like some I don’t.

I also like to crochet I make mostly Afghans. OH look it’s Jason and Mackenzie on the flag I made Jason.MARCIA'S PHONE 2015 G3 228

OK friends  it is WAY past my bed time. so I will leave you with this beautiful sunset…. and hope this post gets posted like I want!!!  and I have lot’s of Introductions back when I log on again….  good night sweet dreams..



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