Good afternoon  friends, how is everyone doing today?  Me I am Tired.  so I decided I was going to take the day off from creating and rest.  so I  putAL'S garage garbage can. the trash can out…. and hung the ALWAYS CLOSED sign on it.  back in the day the ALWAYS CLOSED sign was on there with those sticky letters you buy from home depot. or your local hardware store. 

OK so I was just “business productive” while searching images of  the always closed signs I ran across some images I could use. so I saved

here he is… isn’t he cute???  he needs a name…  feel free to throw your suggestion in the hat.large-winter-hat-33.3-16128

aaawwww how sweet he brought one for us to use.. thanks lil fella.  LOL

(more business productivity went on too.)  a little every day… goes a long way. I HOPE!

well friends enjoy the rest of your day/evening..

I just received a BIG bag of paperwork to sort and organize wish me luck!


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