Hello friends,

I’m sitting here with my cup of tea, at the end of my crazy busy day.   I have not been here because  my day job got in the way..LOL!! ya know the one… bus driver.  so anyways…  I was really frustrated that I wasn’t getting ANYWHERE with the printable’s Idea.. i kept hitting roadblocks and walls every step of the way…. SO I decided that wasn’t for ME! I wanted something i enjoyed. so when I get frustrated and need to unwind I make a cup of tea… (of course). and I go sit and CROCHET!  1454803093191

It only took me 1 granny square to figure out what I was going to do! (that is unusual for me). (not this particular square) LOL!  through the years I have had people ask me to teach them how to crochet.  so I thought why not start a you tube channel and teach people how to crochet.  i have been crocheting since I was 12. ish..  ( I do have a picture of that but….. not posting it!!! ) I’m such a GEEK in it)

SO, i researched on you tube how to make your own channel… it doesn’t seem very hard… and of course I’m doing this with NO budget. I know there’s 1,000,000,000+ channels of people doing this.. but what the heck.. I watch all kinds of video’s and If I  don’t like it I switch to another.. and another and another… LOL 20151207_105933

Here’s Kenzie she’s 4  her Nani (that would be me) is teaching her how to crochet!  LOL! she is cute!  anyways!!!! this idea and process has gone way I mean WAY smoother then the other one… I have made so much progress in JUST ONE DAY WITH THIS then I did with the printable’s idea. so far i have only spent $4.88.  (for a selfie stick) not bad! oh and the cost of keeping the cell phone on because that’s what I’m using to make video’s with… i have the rest of the supplies (enough to open my own yarn store) crochet hooks for an army patterns enough for ME!  LOL  and knowledge  LOL I also installed a FREE app on my phone for making video’s and have been playing around with that! I transferred all my CRAP from my phone to the computer to make room for video’s. do you want me to add all 900+ pictures and stuff????  NO!!!! well why not??? LOL kidding!

are your eyes tired from reading yet?? my brain is tired from thinking!!! LOL  plus it’s getting to be dinner time around here.. (for my cat and I) 1485725175770

LOL sorry no pictures of my cat deleted them… BUT here is a tea cup MY daughter made for me for Christmas. OK friends enjoy the rest of your evening ( because it’s evening here) or day depending on where you are.



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