HI friends!! Today was my first day off in a LONG time… so I decided to work on my Honey due list. (you tube channel, blogging, CROCHETING!!).

I LOVE successful days! don’t you? when everything goes the way you expect them too..Success photo

I downloaded a couple of Apps on my phone to help me with my You tube channel so I was playing around with those today. I  also set all the right lighting and angles and made a few practice video’s payed around with the editing (time to turn the fish over)… it’s dinner time here).

early in the morning before I start my day.. I like to crochet.( sometimes that is the ONLY time I have to do it..LOL).   I try and crochet SOMETHING every day.. (that doesn’t always happen either) LOL some days I get SO much crocheting done I amaze myself.. i was just looking through my pictures trying to find one of what I am working on now.. I can’t find it.. I will have to take another picture of it and post it.  i will however remind you…1444507931585

LOL! I haven’t even started my Christmas gifts yet.. That’s because I had something totally different in mind.

well my dinner is ready.. so I will end this here.. have a great evening

12512616_1508478109458030_4252715363589757061_n   Marcia

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